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Development of corporate standards according to the "Global Sullivan Principles"
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Social Accountability

The «Global Sullivan Principles of Social Responsibility» are voluntary principles of Corporate Social Responsibility.

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We train your employees in sustainable corporate management in the areas of quality, environment, energy and occupational safety.

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Satisfied Employees

A company with satisfied employees saves time. Unnecessary waste of resources through inefficient work processes can be avoided sustainably.

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Mystery Checks & Test Purchases

Look at the sales and service staff of your company from the customer’s perspective. It will help you to increase service quality and customer satisfaction.

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Hygiene audits are the perfect tool for detecting errors, thus helping to minimise risks, ensure quality and maintain high standards of hygiene in your workplace.

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Efficient Processes

Our field of expertise is the implementation and optimisation of administrative and work processes, as well as the provision of training in the areas of occupational safety and health.

Social Audits & Quality Audits

International broker for self-employed auditors & experts

We act internationally as an intermediary for auditors, we are the one point of contact for the customer, we select the respective auditors, we schedule the appointments and we organise the invoicing with the auditors / experts and the customers. With our expertise, we generate added value for all parties involved.

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Many Employees - One Goal

With our employees, each in his respective special fields, we provide competent know-how with regard to consulting and qualifying.

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Consulting and Checks

We do not leave you alone. After the trainings, we check the compliance with the newly set standards (post auditing).

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Close to Your Business

We are set up nationwide – independent of where your company is located, we come to you and work with you at your site!

SAC Experts – The Social Accountability Company

We have taken up the course of supporting companies in the exercise of their social accountability. However, social conditions also have to fit to the purpose, otherwise the system will be reduced to absurdity with time.

SAC Experts will help you in redefining social accountability in your business to thus become even more successful.

We also help you with personnel placement, the search for qualified personnel, as well as with checking the conformity of your labour contracts with the statutes of contract for services vs. labour leasing.

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Corporate responsibility at SAC


Compliance and reporting office

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What Can We Do For You?

  • Development of company standards and their review
  • Implementation and optimisation of administrative and work processes
  • Training in quality, environment, energy and occupational safety
    (according to ISO 9001, ISO 14000, SCC, SCP and HACCP)
  • Procurement of auditors for social audits and quality audits
  • General procurement of personnel
  • Food safety concepts and reviews
  • Mystery checks
  • Project staffing
  • Data security concepts

Another aspect of our range of services is to check the conformity of your labour contracts with the statutes of contract for services vs. labour leasing. This is a sensitive area, which is why our experts are specially trained to recognise the dividing line between the two concepts, to explicitly point it out and to check the effectiveness of the corresponding contracts.

Trained - Tested - Certified!

SAC Experts GmbH - effective implementation of sustainable corporate management!

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